MetCMS Enterprise Content Management System 3.0

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           MetCMS Enterprise Content Management System is developed based on PHP+Mysql, search engine optimization(SEO) built-in Whole system and supporting user-defined interface language (the world's languages). MetCMS contains general moudle and function of a corporate Website (page module, news module, product modules, download module, image module, job module, message system, feedback system, on-line communication system, friendfly link module, sitemap module, member module). MetCMS focus on building marketing Enterprise website for you with powerful and flexible system management capabilities, static page generation capabilities and so on.


Main function :
Language :
1, Support all languages(including Chinese,  English, Japanese, etc.), the user can customize unlimited languages. You can visit the website with different domain to the default home page of appropriate language.
2, Original language pack editing function, users can easily edit the site Admin website language packs, so as to control foreground display language and language parameters (font, text size, page background, indicating number of words, etc.).


Interface Style :
1, All text, picture,content and category can be user-defined, you can change information easy.
2, Original category mark control method, the administrator need only set the mark of category to display different information or category on homepage and website.
3, Templates and procedures are entirely separated, all languages share one template, you can also set different template and style for each language page style.
4,Template created simple and flexible, supporting using labeling and standard PHP syntax  to create.
5, The same template supporting different color styles, while supporting a variety of page layout, users can easily switch.
6, Automatically generated thumbnails, you can customize pictures and text watermark which will automatically added when upload pictures.
7, Flash(advertising) can be different styles according to category (including the images Carousel, Flash, a single picture), and can be a variety of image carousel method.
8, Built-in a variety of online communication with the screen scrolling style.
9,Product photos and images module image can display in a variety of styles, the same product can be with unlimited pictures.
10, You can set flip style, information display page number, time format, popular hits of information, the latest information release days.
11, DIV + CSS layout, all compatible with IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, Google, TT, 360 degrees, traveling, and other mainstream browser.


SEO Optimization :
1, You can set parameters and all pages SEO information such as keywords, descriptions, etc.;
2, Static page generation function can be automatically or manually generate  the whole website static pages, and can personalize the name and page format of HTML.
3, Page title has been in accordance with "Information title - cagegory name - Website Title" , all the title are automatically generated.
4, Built-in hot tag feature, which can effectively increase website internal links and keyword links.
5,The official templates are designed with  DIV+CSS,and contain all SEO technology such as H1, image ALT, hyperlink Title, page header and footer keywords.
6, Built-in sitemap module, can generate HTML, and the latest new xml sitemap.
7, Built-in Friendkly link module, you can easily complete the interconnection with other sites.
8, the page name and format,Category and folder of category can be customized,which can effectively distinguish between the homogenization of information on competitors, enhance the effect of SEO.


Interactive Marketing
1, Built-in full-line communication background management functions, you can add QQ, MSN, Alibaba, SKYPE, third-party customer communication software, and you can set the display style and icon.
2, Built-in powerful online feedback system, fully customizable form fields can be used for product ordering, online registration, online surveys, feedback, etc., automatically send feedback to the specified email (can be set more emails), and can be categorized in tabular form export EXCEL feedback information.
3, Online message  functions, administrators can review and respond to a message through the background content.
4, Recruitment information release and the candidates to submit resumes online functionality.
5, Background built-in third-party statistical code and other tools to code interface, you can easily monitor the website and the visitor details.


Member and Rights Management :
1, The system containts anonymous, member, agent, system administrator privileges four roles, and enables member, agent to registration.
2, Content, category, information pages and the field parameters can be access control, thus the flexibility to set the proxy prices, data downloads, the latest product release, etc.
3, Administrator rights and operational authority can be controled, which can achieve main administrators management website at the same time, and simple user interface allows administrators to understand.


Safety and efficiency :
1, Built-in database backup and restore functions, you can easily complete the entire station database backup and recovery, support configuration files and the entire station back compressed package download.
2, You can change the folder name of admin, and it allows you to easily manage login path of the hidden to enhance system security performance.
3, Validation code, anti-refresh mechanism, SQL danger symbols and statements filtering mechanism of the system greatly enhanced the ability to prevent malicious attacks.
4, Administrator password and member password can get back from E-mail back, that enhances system security self-help.
5, The installation folder, and update folder can be deleted from the background.
6, The efficiency of public information read  and  the template calls the database are set by control file (from the template creator control) ,it greatly enhanced the operational efficiency of the system.
7, The folder of upload and document management capabilities, you can easily manage to delete junk files.
8, PHP + MYSQL structure, website static functions and the system file permissions settings greatly enhanced the system against Trojan horses and malicious attacks capacity.


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