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MetInfo advantage of enterprise website management system

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Compared to other enterprise website management system

    1. The whole point built-in SEO search engine optimization mechanism, static pages automatically generated features, popular tags set features that make sites more easily extended to more easily indexed by search engines, easier to upgrade keywords rankings and thus easier for enterprises customers, MetInfo always believed that only with the marketing power of a corporate website is the real value of the site;
    2. Background operation simple and convenient, MetInfo enterprise website management system for corporate website follows the classic ASP background, any business, webmasters, without technical expertise, they can easily manage web sites;
    3. UTF-8 international standard codes, add the Chinese and English language and home access to automatically switch the default, Traditional Chinese prospects automatically switch to support multi-language template development;
    4. Support QQ \ MSN \ SKYPE \ Taobao's Wangwang tools such as real-time chat online to add and background management;
    5. Flexible and powerful online feedback system, you can set the feedback form background field (support for drop-down menus and multiple-choice), while EMAIL automated response to feedback from those set by the administrator's mailbox automatic transmittal of the latest feedback information;
    6. Unique management system administrator privileges, you can set up an administrator sections and flexible management of permissions, Web site information to add, modify, delete permissions, etc.;
    7. Powerful templates to add style and switching functions, procedures and templates completely separated, the user can easily switch site in the background, foreground template;
    8. Database-backed one-button backup and restore function, external to submit anti-injection features, make the site safe and stable and easy to transfer;
    9. PHP + MYSQL framework to support multi-platform, secure and efficient;
   10. 100% open source code, structure, clear, simple and easy to read, secondary development and templates to create simple and convenient;
   11. Thumbnails automatically generated, text or image watermark automatically add function;
   12. Flash graphics and animation background setting function;
   13. 3 sections to add any features, you can control the display status section, set up a folder columns, columns order, columns sort of information, etc.;
   14. Supports profiles, articles, products, downloads, pictures, recruiting, message and other modules, and can be an unlimited number of calls;
   15. Support product, download, pictures, field settings module is called at random;
   16. Spare field to enable and set up features, columns home call identification features, user-friendly and more flexible design templates;
   17. Link On-line application and background management functions;


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